What is The WeatherXM Network?

The WeatherXM Network is a community-powered weather network that rewards weather station owners and provides accurate, hyper-local weather data to Web2 and Web3 enterprises.

We are part of the DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) movement, that leverages Web3 to build and maintain infrastructure in the physical world.


Compared to expensive, monolithic weather stations deployed by large organisations and governments, we leverage the power of our community to deploy thousands of small, inexpensive stations that cover every part of the world.

Our Network is built and maintained by a large community of weather station owners. Anyone can become a weather data provider by installing a WeatherXM station.

A new economy on $WXM

$WXM is the token that empowers a new economy of weather data. Station owners are rewarded in $WXM for their services and enterprises interested in commercially using the Network’s data pay with $WXM to license them.

Collect and Share Weather Data

Join the WeatherXM Network as a weather station owner.

Monitor the weather around you

Use the mobile app to monitor your station and get detailed, hyper-local readings of the weather at your location.

Rewards and incentives

By operating one or more stations, you get rewarded for the data you provide to the Network in $WXM tokens. Rewards are distributed daily and can be claimed at any time.

A vibrant community

By being a station owner you also join a vibrant community of weather, IoT (Internet of Things) and Web3 enthusiasts.

Make an impact

Weather is important

Our everyday life, our food, travel, transportation, energy and so much more depend on weather.

Weather data are key

More accurate and comprehensive weather data allow meteorologists to improve forecasting models, researchers can gain deeper insights into climate patterns and businesses can make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations. 

Climate change

The global climate is changing rapidly. Accurate, hyper-local data let us better understand Climate Change and find better ways to fight it.

Join us

Get your weather station

Pick a station that fits your needs and start earning $WXM. We have models that use WiFi, Helium and (soon) 4G.

Discover the mobile app

The WeatherXM mobile app allows you to set up, monitor, access historic data of your weather station.

Harness the Power of WeatherXM

Use our services to get access to high quality, hyper-local weather data and weather forecasting optimisation.

More accurate forecasts

Take advantage of our Forecast Accuracy Tracking service to identify the best forecasting model for your location and your needs.

Quality of Data

Use our enhanced data stream that leverages our deep knowledge of the network hardware, the history of each device, our feedback loop with the station owners and our advanced algorithms to access high quality weather data.

Open Data

Our raw data feed is open, accessible to everyone and free for non-commercial uses.

Easy data access

Access weather data the way that better suits your needs.

Direct access to raw data

Use IPFS to directly access the Network data.

Connect through a REST API

Our REST API allows you to easily integrate weather data in your existing services and solutions.

Visualize data for better understanding

Deep dive into data collected from thousands of weather stations using comprehensive graphs and visualisations that let you get insights and better understanding.

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