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Get hyperlocal accurate weather forecasts to effectively manage evolving weather conditions and minimize negative impact to your event logistics.

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Inaccurate weather forecasts cause problems

Unforseen severe weather conditions can cause logistical nightmares.

Unannounced changes in logistics

Unplanned changes to the event operations cause issues in delivering the best event experience.

Unforeseen operational costs

Sudden changes in weather can cause wear and tear or damage to event equipment.

Difficult to set up

Legacy weather stations are clunky and difficult to set up.

Professor Yannis Pitsiladis

Executive Committee and Chair of the Scientific Commission of the International Sports Medicine Federation (FIMS) and Member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Medical and Scientific Commission

For the first time ever, a 24/7 real time assessment of weather conditions will be made available to athlete training centres affiliated to select International Sports Federations and National Olympics Committees in the run up to the Paris Olympics and Paralympics Games thanks to a unique partnership between WeatherXm, Human Telemetrics and the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS). Thanks very much to WeatherXm, a similar solution will also be trialled at both Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games in view of creating a more consistent and permanent solution at future Olympics and other major sporting events around the world. A major objective of this mainly R&D partnership is to create and make universally available more innovative environmental monitoring solutions to allow the microclimate of competing athletes, officials and even spectators to be determined in real time and anywhere in the world where there is connectivity with particular focus on keeping all these important stakeholders safe when operating in extreme environmental conditions.

Act on weather forecasts

Make key operational adjustments based on real-time weather data and precise forecasts.

Precise weather forecasts

Get accurate weather forecasts for your specific location so that you can make critical decisions before the weather hits.

Hyperlocal weather data

Take action based on the weather happening at your specific event location, not on the weather in the city or town.

Cost effective & built to last

Set up a powerful weather station that is cost effective and easy to set up. These stations were designed for large scale deployments in challenging urban and rural environments.

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Learn how outdoor sports & event organizers leverage WeatherXM’s weather data to optimize rerouting and keep goods safe and secure.

How WeatherXM Helps You

Accurate weather forecasts help event organizers with the foresight to prepare and plan.

Manage risk and liability

Get early warnings about inclement weather that may cause dangerous conditions. Give your organization enough time to plan and prepare accordingly.

Avoid unplanned costs

Sudden changes in weather can cause damage to event equipment that could have been avoided with enough lead time.

Enhance the fan experience

Accurate, hyperlocal weather forecasts enhance the fan experience by preparing for harsh weather before it happens. Get early warnings and make key decisions before the weather hits.

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Learn how outdoor sports & event organizers leverage WeatherXM’s weather data to optimize rerouting and keep goods safe and secure.

Improve Your Business

Event organizers that use WeatherXM’s weather services improve profitability, reduce risks to equipment and plan for disruptions.

Improve profitability

Improve operational profitability by leveraging precise, hyperlocal weather data from WeatherXM.

Reduce operational risks

Poor weather conditions can quickly escalate into unsafe situations for fans and staff or cause equipment damage.

Plan ahead with accuracy

A perfectly executed outdoor event is only possible with accurate weather forecasts.

WeatherXM Research

Read our research

Our mission at WeatherXM is to create the largest decentralized weather station network. Stay updated with our research and learn about our lessons in the field.

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Learn how outdoor sports & event organizers leverage WeatherXM’s weather data to optimize rerouting and keep goods safe and secure.

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