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Frequently Asked Questions

The testnet tokens you have received during the beta phase will not be converted. After the token launch all the beta testers will be rewarded for the days their stations were online providing valid data and the beta rewards will be calculated based on the latest rewards algorithm which will be implemented at the time. Please check section 2.4 of our whitepaper regarding beta rewards

You can follow a station by using our mobile app and adding it to “Favorites”.

Please check the instructions for installation as well as our deployment examples here.

  1. The Helium station has an integrated (located within the weather station) Helium-compatible LoRaWAN chip, crypto chip, and GPS while the Wi-Fi bundle has a Wi-Fi gateway, crypto chip, and GPS located within the external M5 gateway.
  2. The Helium station can only connect to the Helium Network while the Wi-Fi bundle can only connect to Wi-Fi.
  3. The Helium station has a larger solar panel which allows it to do processing standalone (in the station itself) while the Wi-Fi bundle’s station has a smaller solar panel since the processing is done by the external M5 display and Wi-Fi gateway (located indoors) which the station communicates to over LoRa.
  4. The Helium bundle does not contain any type of display to view weather data. Weather data will have to be viewed from the WeatherXM app.

You can pull a longer time period’s data from your weather station by using our API

Check if the selected frequency is the correct one, if the small red light on the outdoor sensor is blinking every 16s, the battery polarity and that there is a clear line of sight at 2 meters between the M5 and the outdoor sensor and make sure that you have removed the cover from the solar panel. If the issue persists, move the outdoor sensor and the WXM-M5 closer together, but not closer than 5 ft (1.5m). Also check that there are no metal barriers like aluminum siding, or metal wall framing, along the line of sight between the outdoor sensor and WXM-M5. Relocate the sensor and console as necessary to avoid obstacles. Depending on natural barriers you may also have to move the outdoor sensor higher and/or closer.If nothing of the above works, try switching to the external RF antenna.

Try to reset the outdoor sensor. If that doesn’t work, try to reset the M5 and if after that the issue is still there, change the batteries of the outdoor sensor. If none of the above work, send a bug report to the issue tracker or contact us directly at [email protected]

Your station will store locally a few hours worth of data but this might change in the future.

First, you need to check if your M5 is up-to-date with the latest firmware version (>=0.3.22).

Second, you need to check that the outdoor sensor has no obstacles around.

Here there is a tricky point. We usually say that the outdoor sensor needs to be 2 x height_of_obstacle, because even this criterion is not always doable and because the other sensors are ok with this criterion.

However, the WMO criteria here for wind are: a.The wind sensor shall be sited so that any obstacle taller than 4m shall be at a distance equal to 10 times its height. For example, if an obstacle is 6m tall, it shall be no closer than 60m to the wind sensor and b. The wind sensor shall be sited so that any obstacle taller than 8m shall be at a distance of more than 15 times its width. For example, there is a tower that is 9m tall and 10m wide, then the wind sensor shall be sited more than 150m away.

The M5 renders information on the screen every 16s and transmits data to the network every 1m (a bit more in older devices).

You can see the historical data of the last seven days in your app (web or mobile). We will soon open all historic data for non-commercial uses, in which case you will be able to use third party tools to go back as far as there are data.

Yes. The latest version of the mobile app allows them to “follow” your station.

Make sure that the black cover has been removed from the solar panel.

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