Enter Weather 3.0

WeatherXM is a community powered weather network, that rewards weather station owners and provides accurate weather services to individuals, businesses and research organizations. 

Deploy. Claim. Earn $WXM

All WeatherXM compatible weather stations distribute rewards with a fair mechanism. Cryptographic proofs of location on hardware and Quality of Data algorithms motivate quality deployments and ensure a healthy, sustainable network.

Put data services in use

Our network provides raw and enhanced weather data, tracks the accuracy of 3rd party forecasts and produces its own synthetic forecast. Improve your own modelling, make critical decisions and take action with precise hyperlocal forecasts.


A new economy designed to serve the supply and demand of quality weather data, while unlocking a new world of possibilities for advanced weather services both in a Web2 and Web3 fashion. 

Read our whitepaper and learn more about the $WXM token.

Industries we serve

Learn how farmers, insurance providers, event & sports organizers and energy producers leverage WeatherXM’s weather data to reduce risk and plan for disruptions due to severe weather.


Manage your crop yield by tracking your location’s weather conditions.


Strengthen the resilience of your energy infrastructure by receiving accurate weather forecasts.

Sports & Outdoor events

Plan for service interruptions and unsafe conditions by tracking hyperlocal weather patterns.

Download the mobile app

Access a personalised weather assistant that provides real-time updates, forecasts and customised insights based on weather stations you own or follow. 

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