We are proud to have on board a distinguished group of VCs and Angel investors.

Chris Burniske

Partner at Placeholder

“WeatherXM, a team with decades of weather expertise, is using crypto’s global incentive reach to scale out a global weather network. The ambition is to be the most comprehensive, and accurate, weather network available. While readers from developed nations may assume weather data is already well solved, the truth is much of the world lacks accurate weather forecasting. As the climate crisis intensifies, there is a greater and greater need from industries like agriculture, energy, and insurance for more reliable weather data, in developed and developing nations. We’re excited to be supporting another team tackling a pressing need for humanity, by using the power of a global protocol and crypto incentives.” said Chris Burniske, from Placeholder VC.

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WeatherXM is proud to collaborate with these VC’s:

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Juan Benet

Maxwell Krohn

Dimitris Togias

Ele Diakomichalis

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