Build the Network

We want the WeatherXM Network to be open and verifiable. We are currently in the early stages of the WeatherXM Network infrastructure, but as each reaches a certain level of maturity, we are open-sourcing it.

Use IPFS to access raw weather data

Raw station data are stored on IPFS. We are currently finalising the details of how data are structured and stored, and we will share details on how to get access and how to used them soon.

Integrate the REST API in your apps

We are building the REST API that allows developers to easily integrate WeatherXM data in your apps and solutions. You can now access this early version of the API.

Ensuring the Integrity and
Incentivization of Weather Data Collection

Why is WeatherXM data better?

Your station can’t be tampered

WeatherXM is able to detect the location of the weather stations automatically and verify that the location was never spoofed, ensuring the validity of your weather data.

Other stations don’t pay you

Other weather networks do not pay weather station owners. With WXM, weather station owners earn by contributing to the network.

Other networks are expensive

Other weather stations are expensive to setup and maintain. Having a mobile, easy to use station gives you the ability to track weather data on the go.

Web3 Oracles

Smart contracts will be able to take advantage of WeatherXM data using our oracle services. We believe that bringing weather data on-chain will unlock new possibilities and allow developers to build services that were not feasible until now, such as on-chain weather insurance. 

If you are building a solution or a protocol that could take advantage of on-chain weather oracles, let us know!

From Childhood Dreams to Meteorological Innovation

Discover how WeatherXM’s founders turned childhood dreams into a meteorological revolution, reshaping weather forecasting with a decentralized network of weather stations.

Commercial use of the API

If you are interested in using the API in a commercial application let us know!

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