Here you can find all WeatherXM compatible weather stations.  Currently all models ship from our hardware partner ExMachina.

WeatherXM is proud to collaborate with these hardware partners:

Choosing a station

We are here to cover any connectivity requirement, so we can collectively add a weather station at every corner on earth.


Ideal for areas with consistent Wi-Fi connectivity. Provides real-time data updates, seamless integration with smart devices, and is user-friendly. Perfect for homes and businesses.

Helium / LoRaWAN

Best for remote locations or areas with limited connectivity. Utilizes the Helium Network and LoRaWAN technology to ensure long-range and low-power data transmission.


A versatile choice for areas with 4G connectivity. Ensures fast data transmission and can be easily set up. Suitable for (rural) areas that have no Wi-Fi but have 4G signal coverage.

Building a global and sustainable weather station network with the power of IoT, Web3 and a vibrant community of station owners.

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