A global Νetwork in your pocket

See live weather data and forecasts for your location. Manage your weather station on the go and keep track of your $WXM earnings.

Claim your device

Claim your device in minutes. Set up an account and pair your weather station.

See live weather data

Get hyperlocal, precise weather data for your location.

Historical weather data

Access historical weather data for your location.

Customized weather forecasts

Get weather forecasts specific to the location of your weather station.

Manage your station

Change the measurement units, connect your wallet, and more.

View your earnings

View token earnings for each device you own.

Don't own a station?

Download the App and follow
a station near you!

Ensuring the Integrity and
Incentivization of Weather Data Collection

Why is WeatherXM data better?

Your station can’t be tampered

WeatherXM is able to detect the location of the weather stations automatically and verify that the location was never spoofed, ensuring the validity of your weather data.

Your station rewards you

Other weather networks do not reward weather station owners. WeatherXM station owners earn rewards by contributing to the network.

Easy to get, easy to maintain

Other weather stations are expensive to setup and maintain. Using our easy to use mobile app you have the ability to track your weather station health on the go.

Your own weather insights

Get accurate forecasts for your specific location to make informed decisions about your business.

Tailored for your location

Our technology prevents people from spoofing the location of the weather station.

Based on your historical weather

Your hyperlocal weather forecasts are based on historical weather data collected from your location.

Weather data you can trust

The WeatherXM network verifies that weather data collected from each individual station is accurate by validating with the other stations within the network.

Our other solutions

WeatherXM Pro

Access to the full WeatherXM dataset using a friendly web interface or integrate with your solution using our API.

Web3 Oracles

WeatherXM brings weather data to web3 and empowers smart contracts to make decisions based on weather conditions and events.

Follow up to 10 stations

Want to check the actual weather in your hometown? Is it raining right now at your kid’s school? What’s the actual wind direction at the beach where you go surfing? How is the weather at the football field of your favorite team right now?

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