$WXM: The token to power a new economy around weather data

$WXM is the token that powers the WeatherXM Network. Station owner rewards are distributed in $WXM and enterprises use $WXM to purchase weather data.

Designed to fit the ecosystem's needs

Built on industry standards, with a capped supply of 100M and a distribution period aligned with our project’s long-term goals.

Built on Ethereum

$WXM is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

100M total supply

The total supply of $WXM will eventually be 100 million tokens.

Gradual distribution

Tokens are distributed gradually over a period of 10 years.

Token allocation

70% of the total token supply is allocated to station rewards, ecosystem development and liquidity support in the early days. 30% is reserved for the company and its investors.

Our Whitepaper

Read more about the WeatherXM project and the $WXM token in our Whitepaper.

Distributed over the next 10 years

WeatherXM is a long-term project. The total supply of 100M $WXM tokens is unlocked and distributed based on a predefined 10-year schedule.

WeatherXM is proud to collaborate with these token tech partners:

The $WXM beta rewards program

The beta-rewards program described in the Whitepaper is designed to retrospectively compensate the stations that have been providing data for almost a year now, with 3 million $WXM (3% of the total $WXM supply).

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