Raw Data

Easy access to the raw data feed received from WeatherXM stations around the world. Stored on IPFS, this dataset will be accessible to everyone and free for non-commercial uses.

WeatherXM is proud to collaborate with these Web3 data partners:

Permissionless access

The data collected by WeatherXM stations are stored on IPFS, an open, decentralized peer-to-peer system to manage data without a central server. This allows everyone to access them permissionlessly.

Non-commercial uses

We want to make it easy for everyone to take advantage of hyper-local weather data and build upon them. Personal, academic and other non-commercial projects and organizations can use the WeatherXM data for free.

Commercial uses

When WeatherXM data are used in commercial products and services, you need to purchase the corresponding license. The revenue generated by data licensing is used to fund the Network and its further expansion.

Building something interesting? Let us know!

If you are building something that takes advantage of the WeatherXM data, we would love to hear! 

Our Solutions

WeatherXM Pro

Access the full WeatherXM dataset using a friendly web interface or integrate it with your solution using our API.

Web3 Oracles

We bring weather data to Web3 and empower smart contracts to make decisions based on weather conditions and events.

Mobile App

See live weather data and forecasts of your location. Manage your weather station on the go and keep track of your WXM earnings.

Enhanced Data

Our enhanced data set. This option is best suited for teams that want to use reliable weather data in their products and services.

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