Forecast accuracy tracking

Make better decisions in the future by comparing and evaluating weather forecasting models.

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Not all weather models are the same

How do you pick the right one?


The success rate of a weather forecasting model may vary depending on the location you are interested in.

Prediction Length

Weather models diverge the further you look into the future.


Each model has its own lifecycle and it is constantly updated, fine-tuned, and modified.

Forecast Accuracy Tracking by WeatherXM

Use our Forecast Accuracy Tracking Service to compare models and make better decisions in the future.

Location specific

We compare actual, hyper-local measurements provided by our stations with predictions made by the forecasting models or services you are interested in.

Duration specific

We evaluate each model’s accuracy based on the timeframe you are interested in.

Constantly updated

Our algorithms provide you with an automated, constantly updated evaluation of each model.

Forecast Accuracy Tracking

Pick the right weather model for the right place and time.

Our Solutions

WeatherXM Pro

Access the full WeatherXM dataset using a friendly web interface or or integrate it with your solution using our API.

Web3 Oracles

We bring weather data to Web3 and empower smart contracts to make decisions based on weather conditions and events.

Mobile App

See live weather data and forecasts of your location. Manage your weather station on the go and keep track of your WXM earnings.

Get started

Dive deep into forecast analysis and ensure that when you make decisions based on weather predictions, they stand on the solid foundation of tested and proven models.

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