About Us

WeatherXM is built by a pioneering team of engineers and backed by iconic investors, leveraging Web3, IoT, and machine learning technologies to bring about a paradigm shift in weather data collection and positively impact the planet and the lives of millions of people on it.

Manolis Nikiforakis
Co-founder, CEO
Manolis has worked for 20+ years as a full stack software and hardware developer in all layers of the IoT value chain. He was preaching about affordable weather station networks since 2012, but had to bootstrap two other IoT companies before taking the leap of faith to focus purely on the WeatherXM vision. He has a BEng & MSc in Computer Engineering, is an open-source advocate and contributor, biker, kitesurfer, "hacker", RepRap-er, FPV drone pilot and coffee geek.
Stratos Theodorou
Co-founder, Head of Engineering
Stratos is a multitool. A battle-hardened computer engineer, with extensive experience, from coding (mobile, full-stack web, devops, blockchain) and UX design to operations and financials. Holds an MEng in Computer Engineering and an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction & Ergonomics. He is passionate about processes and workflows that boost team efficiency. Responsible coder, team culture freak, perfectionist when it comes to user experience, apprentice pizzaiolo and dad of two Sith Lords. He doesn’t write code, he writes poetry.
Nikos Tsiligaridis
Co-founder, CTO, Embedded Systems Developer
Nicolas has been in the company since the very beginning developing applications, IoT hardware and software with the core team to support large scale weather projects. Through thick and thin, he has devotedly helped the company grow from conception to materialization and is now building WeatherXM’s hardware. Living in China for a few months and working on the company’s first station prototype, Nicolas decided to add Chinese to his already existing pool of three languages, which included Russian. Be careful all, he’s here to conquer the world!
Periklis Chatzidiakos
Senior Software Engineer
Periklis is a computer engineer working on whatever is code-oriented. Jack of all trades, master of none. Famous among team members for his overwhelming excitement, endless blabbering and mainstream choices. He thinks that boasting about one’s self is something to frown upon and therefore uses sarcasm to humorously describe himself when he has to.
Nikos Pagkratis
Financial Director
Nikos is an all round finance professional with a deep background in operational finance, strategic planning and forecasting backed by process management/re-engineering and auditing skills. Academically he is a Chartered Accountant and holds an MBA in Financial Institution Administration. Finally, he is a crypto-enthousiast, an outdoor-maniac, loves his enduro bicycle and his speargun. But first and foremost, he is a dad of twins!!
Thanos Daskalopoulos
Head of IIoT projects and B2B sales
Thanos has 20 years’ experience doing business development, service management and software product development in the facility and energy conservation sector. A multi-skilled engineer with a desire to keep learning while working, a strong focus on operational excellence and an always in-progress collaborative spirit. You will also find him sweating on a stage or a studio as a body musician and on the tennis courts as a wannabe champion.
Yannis Stamelakos
Blockchain & Smart Contracts Engineer, PhD
Yannis is a crypto guru / solidity developer with many years of Synthetix experience.
Alex Kefallonitis
Cybersecurity Expert
Alex has several years of experience in the CyberSecurity field in both the offensive and defensive sides. He has worked as a Lead Engineer for multiple clients all over the world on cloud and physical data centres. Since the beginning of the mining era, Alex has been into Blockchain and Crypto, and has also been an advisor/consultant for several projects related to Web3.0. Can you weather the storm?
Stella Milla
Head of Operations
Stella with her multifunctional career has worked in accounting, business and marketing but it was operations that won her heart over. With a degree in Business Administration and speaking three languages, including English, French and Spanish, Stella spent a year abroad in Paris, the fashion capital, where her love for traveling and fashion trends arose. Having worked for many successful startups, Stella, known as our organisation freak, resolves all day-to-day functions, while putting us in order!
Dr. Stavros Keppas
Stavros, our weather emperor, is planning the development, validation and utilization of a global weather station network. With a BSc in Geology, he followed his way towards the Atmospheric sciences conducting a MSc in Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Environment and then went on to obtain a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences focusing on cloud microphysics and weather radars. He has been involved in national and international research projects on climate and urban microclimate and has been published in international scientific journals. Passionate about extreme weather, Stavros is always looking for the next storm rush to keep his blood flowing and his mental health intact!
Nadia Lytopoulou (Lyna)​
Community Manager
Nadia, an Electronic engineer, from the Technical University of Crete, is an experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. Skilled in negotiation, business planning, sales, retail, and…. WordPress, she is a professional with a MBA from the University of Piraeus. She is a crypto enthusiast with a background as community manager and customer success manager on various crypto exchanges. Nadia enjoys playing basketball and eating burgers with her kid, and can always be found helping someone out in our Discord community.
Georgios Sarris Tzamtzis
Head of SRE
George has been a Site Reliability Engineer since 2015, when he joined Oracle’s Cloud SRE Team. In reality though, he has been an SRE all his life. He values DevOps principals, Google SRE practices, believes in best practices, infrastructure-as-code and is an observability aficionado. He has experience working on various Cloud Technologies and has solved numerous problems in different environments. He is a team player (it's all about the team) and enjoys helping people grow. He loves tennis, basketball and cars and is passionate about driving. His dream is to someday do a road trip around the globe. He is back in Greece, after years abroad, and loves spending time with his son.
Thodoris Mavroeidakos
Blockchain Software Engineer
Thodoris had his first encounter with tech and coding when he was 11 years old building a radio receiver from scratch. That was when he decided to follow the light side of the Force and become an engineer. He studied at the National Technical University of Athens, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Major in Information Technology (IT). He has been working as a Backend Engineer, for 6 years, with several software stacks. Being a blockchain enthusiast since 2017, Thodoris decided to take a deep dive into the Ethereum Blockchain. He is notoriously famous among his colleagues for pushing things into the web3 direction no matter the cost (there are also L2 solutions). A good listener without fear of experimenting with new technologies.
Angie Berlemis
Head of Human Resources
Angie, originally from Montreal, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Major in Finance and Minor in International Business, always dreamed of traveling to far away places! That’s when she decided to continue her studies in Greece! After receiving her MBA in Athens, she started pursuing different career paths ranging from Head of Admissions, Human Resources Officer, Financial Controller, COO for a startup and even joined a data science team where she learned cool AI things. Once again at a startup (the best one), Angie is back at her true passion, working with people, and once more is learning chic new weather and tech terms such as DAO, Helium, Blockchain… Let’s see what she has in store for us!
Dimitris Karapatis
Embedded Firmware Engineer
Dimitris studied Physics at the Kapodistrian University of Athens but his adolescent passion and enthusiasm in electronics and embedded systems, turned him into a computer scientist. For many years, he has been working as an embedded systems engineer on IoT and wearable projects, while getting to know all the aspects of rapid prototyping and hardware manufacturing. 3D printing enthusiast with various skills in mechanical design, electronics design and hardware assembly.
George Koumanos
Embedded Firmware Engineer
For 10 years, George lived in the UK where he completed his studies and developed mobile phones for Nokia before joining the hospitality infotainment sector and maritime IoT back in Greece. He enjoys blurring the lines between hacking electronics with a soldering iron and coding late at night...sometimes simultaneously. Partner, father and hobbies, share an unequal portion of his remaining time, with trips to nature outside of his comfort zone being his top choice.
Pavlos Tzegiannakis
Mobile Software Engineer
Pavlos works mainly, but not only, on WeatherXM's android application. Being in the cryptocurrency space since 2017, the founder of the biggest crypto-related website in Greece (Greepto.gr), while previously working in Coinomi, one of the largest crypto wallets, Pavlos also provides value to the crypto and community aspect of WeatherXM's project. He is a disciplined, self-motivated and passionate software engineer, always keen on learning. Utilising years of experience working mainly with Java and Kotlin for Desktop and Android applications, I wouldn’t put anything past him! Pavlos likes to work after midnight, so he has earned the `night owl` nickname in WeatherXM.
Pantelis Giazitsis
Mobile Software Engineer
Pantelis is an iOS engineer with experience in the evolution of the apple ecosystem attained over the last few years. He is involved in every aspect of the mobile app development process, starting from design to its final distribution. Pantelis has been developing mobile apps as an individual or as a member of small or larger teams. He likes dealing with daily programming challenges providing the optimal solution and isn't happy with anything less than...60fps.
Tasos Lazarou
Software Engineer
Experienced Junior Web Developer, in Vue.js, Computer Science, Communication and Routing Protocols, Tasos has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong engineering professional with a Computer Science degree, focused on Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications from the University of West Attica. His favorite food is fries, which always taste better from other people’s plates!
Evangelos Papangelis
UX Designer
As an industrial design engineer, Evangelos loves everything that has to do with product design, packaging, graphic content creation and feels a true devotion for designs. As a true metalhead and musician he brings dark themes to life and is responsible for low frequencies. His motto is “Design Anything''!
Aris Striglis
Software Engineer
Aris is a software engineer who tends to combine different areas of his expertise and tinker with things in ways that may not always appear obvious. He gained a lot of experience in multimedia and technology through various projects where he was called to integrate technologies together. He loves solving real world problems through creative use of technology, experimenting with IoT, multimedia and telecom systems.
Giannis Panagiotakis
Giannis, an Applied Mathematician who fell in love with the cryptospace, holds a master degree in Agricultural automation and constructions, which is his second passion. At WeatherXM he simulates token behavior in various tokenomics scenarios, with great success rate. He is an urban farmer, hydroponics consultant and always looking for new inspirations.
Alexandra Chatzigeorgiou
Customer Support
Alexandra, who has worked in several other customer service orientated positions, loves communication and it’s evident from our wide discord community. She is passionate about crypto-space with experience on crypto exchanges and community projects. Always excited to learn and study anything related to blockchain technology but also into pastry, is the mom of a teenager and believes that humor is a lifesaver!
Panagiotis Vryonis
Content Manager
Panagiotis, passionate about web3, provides business efficiency consulting. His diverse career path includes software development, social media consulting, working for a Prime Minister and holding a seat at the Board of Directors of one of the largest companies in Greece. Deep down, he’s always been a software developer, an open source evangelist, a dad, a geek, an entrepreneur, a passionate blogger and podcaster, living in Athens and happy with his life!
George Stamatakis
Data Engineer
George, a Data Engineer in the Research, Analytics, Data Science and Community Engagement team (RADC), has experience that spans both in academia and industry where he has worked in creating data pipelines and data processing infrastructure for batched and streaming data for automotive IoT and climate data. He is an AWS certified solutions architect and has two academic publications, one of which is for the prestigious ACM. George has experience with both the Python and JVM ecosystems, and other such goodies that will help us build  the future of our weather data processing platform. Oh yes, he has also helped build LEDguitar.
Ilias Barbar
Data Scientist
Ilias is a Data Scientist and ML enthusiast with a strong passion for AI, Mechatronics and Autonomous Systems. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, he is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.
Giannis Dravilas
Data Scientist
Giannis is a final year undergraduate Computer Science student. Being a weather enthusiast for most of his life, and having already developed some post-processing meteorological models, including a high resolution snow prediction model, he is now using data science and machine learning in order to handle meteorological data and improve weather forecasting.

WeatherXM mission

We see a world where new inventions in weather-related technologies have a direct positive impact on the lives of millions of people around the world and do good for our planet. We strive to build this world.

We aspire WeatherXM to become a paradigm shift for decentralised and hyper local weather data collection, enabling new weather services for the emerging Web3 data economy while supporting underserved areas & industries with novel weather services.

WeatherXM core team previously operated Ex Machina


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