Improve route optimizations by predict severe weather conditions

Get hyperlocal accurate weather forecasts to effectively manage evolving road conditions and impacts to your logistics operations.

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Problems caused by inaccurate weather forecasts

Insufficient weather data leads to poor business operations and unforeseen operational costs.

Inaccurate delivery times

Inaccurate weather forecasts means inaccurate delivery times for your customer.

Unforeseen operational costs

Sudden changes in weather can cause wear and tear or damage to renewable energy production equipment

Unhappy customers

Your customers depend on you to get a parcel from A to B. Inaccurate weather forecasts cause delivery delays, or worse, missing packages.

Act on accurate weather forecasts

Plan operations more accurately and make real-time adjustments based on precise forecasts.

Reroute With Ease

Severe weather can damage goods in transit. Hyperlocal weather data provide early warnings for logistics providers to reroute and secure goods.

Save Costs

By predicting weather-related disruptions, logistics companies can better manage their equipment and save on costly repairs.

Faster Insurance Claims

When weather events cause service disruptions or damage, having indisputable, location-specific weather data helps resolve insurance claims faster.

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Learn how logistics & transportation providers leverage WeatherXM’s weather data to optimize rerouting and keep goods safe and secure.

How WeatherXM Helps You

Accurate weather forecasts help logistics & transportation professionals with the foresight to prepare and plan.

Accurate Delivery Times

Hyperlocal weather forecasts improve your ability to reroute packages and update your customers with an accurate delivery time for their parcels.

Improve Logistics Operations

You can’t control the weather conditions, but you can control how you react to it. Highly accurate weather forecasts means improved logistics operations.

Avoid Unplanned Costs

Accurate weather forecasts give you time to manage your transportation equipment. System failures can wreak havoc on your business.

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Learn how logistics & transportation providers leverage WeatherXM’s weather data to optimize rerouting and keep goods safe and secure.

Improve Your Business

Logistics professionals that use WeatherXM’s weather services improve profitability, reduce risk to equipment and plan for disruptions more accurately.

Improve profitability

Improve operational profitability by leveraging precise, hyperlocal weather data from WeatherXM.

Reduce operational risks

Poor weather conditions can quickly escalate into unsafe situations that can cause equipment failure or system issues.

Plan ahead with accuracy

A reliable logistics and transportation provider is only possible with reliable, accurate weather forecasts.

Read our Research

Our mission at WeatherXM is to create the largest decentralized weather station network. Stay updated with our research and learn about our lessons in the field.

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